Navigating the Tasks Dashboard


A - Tasks Dashboard

From the workspace dashboard, access your Tasks Dashboard by clicking the "Tasks" button on the left side navigation.


B - Search Bar and Filter Option

Type here to quickly search and find a task by name or use the drop-down menu on the right to filter your tasks by projects or tags.


C - Task View

Quickly toggle between tasks views to get a general, a daily, or a weekly summary.


D - Tasks PRO Upgrade

Easily upgrade to Tasks PRO and enjoy unlimited task creation.


E -Add Task

Quickly add new tasks.


F - Task List

All of your tasks will be listed here along with details including the due date, reminders, project, and tags. We've added a handy checklist to help you learn how to use Tasks like a pro! 

You can click an individual task to open its detail page. If you hover over an individual task, more options become available:


  • Easily mark a task as complete by clicking the checkboxScreen_Shot_2020-01-24_at_3.59.34_PM.png.
  • Hold on the drag and drop selector drag_and_drop.png to rearrange your task list.
  • Quickly change a task name by editing the title on this simplified view.
  • Click on the clipboard button project.png to add a project to a task.
  • Click on the tag button tag.png to add identifying tags to a task.
  • Click on the calendar button calendar.png to add a due date to a task.
  • Click on the bell button bell.png to add a reminder to a task.
  • Click on the star button favorite.png to pin a task to the top of your task list.
  • If you click on the menu button menu_button.png, you'll be given a list of task options that will allow you to view your task details or delete a task.
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