Navigating the Time Tracker Dashboard



A - Time Tracker Dashboard

From the workspace dashboard, access your Time Tracker Dashboard by clicking the "Time Tracker" button on the left side navigation.


B - Search Bar and Filter Option

Type here to quickly search and find tracked time by recipient or session name, or use the drop-down menu on the right to filter your tracked time by status and project.


C - View Options

Switch between showing your tracked time as a detailed list or a graphic rundown.


D - Add Time Entries

Easily add past time manually or start a new timer.


E - Time Track List

All of your tracked time will be listed here along with details including the session, status, start date, end date, estimated value, and duration. 

Click on the

  • time button Screen_Shot_2019-10-31_at_4.11.06_PM.png  to start a new timer
  • add button Screen_Shot_2019-10-31_at_4.11.12_PM.png  to add a new time entry manually 
  • menu button menu_button.png  to open duplicate, edit, or delete a session



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