View a client's profile

From the Clients Dashboard, click on the name of the client whose profile you'd like to view. Once in the profile you'll see an overview of that client and different ways you can interact with them through Tispr.



A - Chat

Start a new chat message, or go to an existing chat thread, with this client.


B - Edit

Edit your client's information.


C - Menu

Delete a client's profile.


D - Projects Widget

The projects your client is a part of will be displayed front and center on your Dashboard, so you can access them with ease. You can also quickly create a new project with a simple click of a button.


E - Invoices Widget

Get a quick overview of the invoices you've sent to this client or create new invoices. Toggle between week, month, and year while staying up-to-date on all invoice statuses.


F - Time Tracker Widget

Keep track of the time you've logged this week, month, or year while working with this client. View your tracked sessions as a detailed graph breaking down your billed and unbilled time.


G - Side Navigation

While the widgets show you the most recent items you've worked on with this client, the tools in the side navigation give you a complete overview of all the projects, invoices, files, and contracts that have ever been shared. You can also create new projects, invoices, files, and contracts by visiting each tool page.

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