How to create an invoice?

From the main Invoices & Payments screen, click the green Create Invoice button in the top right.

If you haven’t set up your Accounting Info on Tispr, enter that information, then press the green Save & Continue button. You can skip this step by hitting “Skip for now” in the lower left.



Then you’ll enter your client’s name, the project (if you want to include it), and whether this is a one-time invoice or a recurring invoice. Then press the green Save & Continue button.



Next, you’ll be taken to a draft of your invoice that will be created based on the information you’ve already provided. You can edit any of the text in the yellow highlighted fields to fill in billing information like hours worked and your rate.



Track the status of your invoice at any time at the top of the Invoice page.



To preview your invoice, click the grey Preview button Preview_Icon.png in the top right. To send the invoice, click the green Send button in the top right.

You can adjust the settings of your invoice at any time using the Settings panel on the right of the screen.



If you want to add notes to your invoice, use the Personal notes section. These notes will only be visible to you.




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