How to create a contract?

From the contracts screen, click the green “Create Contract” button in the top right corner.



Next, you’ll follow a series of onscreen steps to fill in important details including what type of contract you’d like to create, your information, your client/consultant’s information, the specifics of what services are being done, the rate of payment, payment terms, project timeline, expenses, ownership and attribution. As you fill in the details in the left panel, they will populate into the contract template on the right side of the screen.



After you’ve filled out all the required information, you can review the contract once more and make any edits before you press the green “Sign” button in the top right corner.



A window will pop up that lets you electronically sign your name to the contract. Fill your name in and click the green Confirm Signature button in the bottom right corner.



After you’ve signed your contract it’s ready to send. Click the green Send button in the top right corner of the screen, then confirm the email address where you’re sending the contract, write a message and press the green Send Contract button.



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