Navigating the Tispr Dashboard

Your Tispr dashboard is set up so that you can quickly access your favorite tools and features whenever you need them.



A - Top Navigation

Use these links at the top of your dashboard to quickly jump to different features of Tispr:

  • Chats - Communicate quickly with clients and colleagues
  • Contacts - Organize and manage your connections
  • Explore - Network with our community of awesome professionals
  • Community - Share knowledge or get advice from other members
  • Store - Shop for Tispr tools to add to your plan


B - Side Navigation

Quickly access important tools and features from the side panel navigation.

  • Projects - Manage your workflow and check project status
  • Drive - Securely store and share files
  • Contracts - Use templates to create, sign and send contracts
  • Time Tracking - Track hours worked for easy billing
  • Invoices & Payments - Send, track and pay invoices


C - Recent projects

The projects you’ve worked on recently will be displayed front and center on your Dashboard, so you can quickly access them. You can also create a new project by tapping the green “New project” button.


D - Notifications & Account Settings

The top right corner of your Dashboard includes your notifications, any incoming mail messages, and your Account Profile. If you click on notifications you’ll see your latest chats and unread messages.

If you click on your name in the top right corner, a drop-down menu will appear that will connect you to your profile, your account settings, and frequently asked questions. You can also use this drop-down menu to log out of Tispr after a work session.



E - Tool Sidebar

The right side of your dashboard links you to your Tispr Add-ons including Contracts, Invoices, Time Tracking and Drive. Use the links built into this sidebar to quickly create a contract or invoice, start tracking your time or upload a file.

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